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- About Us -

The Great Place Gift Shop started as the Heart of Hood Gift Shop.  It began as an idea among a group of III Corps spouses in 2014 as a way to purchase items with the III Corps crest.  We all knew individuals including a few members of the group that could make the kind of items we were looking for but there was no place locally or even online that could help.  So we devised a plan to open a small shop that would carry only III Corps items.  It was located in the III Corps Headquarters Building and was a huge success.  But as time went by we realized that there were other units on Fort Hood that had no where to buy gifts with their unit crest.  So we moved to our current location and began offering gift items of all kinds to include items with the unit crest of the major units on Fort Hood.  We are run by a voluntary committee and the shop's daily activities are also performed by volunteers.  Our shop is a private organization on post and we are a registered 501 (c)(3) non profit organization.  We are supported by the Volunteer Child Care Fund which pays for the child care for our volunteers and also VMIS (Volunteer Management Information System) which documents the hours of volunteer work that is performed at Fort Hood. 

After paying for shop expenses, our "profits" are donated to organizations that support the soldiers and families of Fort Hood, Texas.  We have been able to donate to the Fort Hood Area Military and Family Member Scholarship Fund for the past 3 years.  This year we were able to give $1,000.  We are proud of our accomplishments and look forward to growing in the future so we can donate to even more worthwhile organizations.

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Karen Corey

Anna Marie Cox

Aimee Henderson

Bobbi Hennessee

Lisa Lawson

Kelly Lesperance

Deb Liddell

Lynda MacFarland

Pam Parker

Melonie Quander

Becky Sisemore

Sandra Smith

Laurie Williams

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