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Are you looking for a location to host an event such as a coffee, a meeting, a small Welcome or Farewell or just a place to gather?  The Venue may be the place you are looking for! The Venue is a space available to coffee groups and FRG groups to use free of charge.  (A $25 refundable deposit in the form of cash or check is needed to reserve the space)  The Venue is controlled by The Great Place Gift Shop where you can check the calendar for availability, ask to preview the Venue and make your reservation/pick up your key.  (A reminder: The Great Place Gift Shop is only open on Tues, Wed and Thurs from 10am until 2pm.)     The Venue itself is available to you for the amount of time that you need and is available at night and on weekends as well as during the day.  You will just have to pick up the key in advance during the shop's open hours.

The Venue has two rooms - a front room that can be used as foyer and then a large back room that has 2 round tables, 20 chairs, a 6 ft table for serving as well as a refrigerator and microwave for your use. There is a small storage area that has extra tables and chairs that can be used.  Because the Venue may be used back to back by two groups it MUST be returned to the condition it was found before you leave.  Chairs must be around the two round tables, extra tables and chairs returned to the storage area, the area clean and trash removed.  The key must be returned immediately after your event.  For your convenience there is a dropbox in the hallway.

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